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Pitch & Acting Finalists


Gobble - Pitch Video

Winner Best Pitch


Two cave goblins attempt to become pop stars on a surface world that much prefers they didn't.

Gobble was created by Troy DeWinne and Ethan Dirks.

Troy DeWinne is a producer, director, and writer who graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a bachelor’s degree in radio-television-film. Boys’ Club – a dark comedy short film directed by Troy in 2018 – was an official selection for multiple prestigious film festivals such as Overlook Film Festival, Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival, Nashville Film Festival, and deadCENTER Film Festival.

Ethan Dirks is an art director, designer, and game developer with experience working on many diverse projects. Plot Guru – an interactive Netflix game he co-created in 2016 – was featured prominently in Popular Science and Business Insider, along with being named one of the year’s top 50 startups to watch by Built In Austin.

Troy and Ethan currently reside in Los Angeles, California and are finalizing a pitch for the animated series Gobble.




Forever Young Pitch at 9.29.27 PM.png

Forever Young Pitch

Runner Up Best Pitch

This is a short video pitch by Jason Lor (Screenwriter/Filmmaker) of his 2019 Romantic Drama Screenplay "Forever Young". A story about a young man from ancient times who is granted immortality until he finds his true love, no matter how long it takes.

Watch Full Pitch

Writer/Filmmaker - Jason Lor

Before graduating from San Francisco State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Cinema, Jason Lor had already started writing when he was in the 3rd Grade in Elementary school. He wrote in his journals about his days and adventures whether with his friends or family. Soon enough he decided to get creative and make stories out of those everyday adventures but from a different point of view. A creative point of view. Thus started his goal of becoming a writer for novels. This soon changes when he came to realize how much he loved movies. The characters and worlds coming to life on the big screen fascinated him that that is what he truly wanted with his stories. Thus began a new chapter in his journey of writing, which is to become not only a writer but a Screenwriter. From there on out he continues to write and never stopped. He grew up in a time where Screenwriting software like Final Cut Pro or Screenwriting classes were not available around his hometown of Chico. That, however, did not stop him from pursuing his passion. He would go to the bookstore every weekend in search of Screenplay textbooks and study as much as he could on how a screenplay should be written. Eventually, he finally moved to San Francisco where he can finally attend San Francisco State University's film program and learned what he needed to know about filmmaking along with his screenwriting. After three years of studying film, Jason graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Cinema. Afterward, Jason continued to pursue screenwriter as well as filmmaking.



Best Child

Actor & Actress

Kelsey Lewis

(Winner Best Child Actress - "A Dangerous Profession")


Gabrielle Faulkner


Tatum Matthews

Aidan Williams

(Runner Up Best Child Actor - A City in Chaos)

Cale Ferrin

(Winner Best Actor- More Beautiful for Being Broken)

Liyah Hinds

(Runner Up Best Child Actress- Michael, Emmadri, and the Mermaid)

Caleb Liban

Best Teen

Actor /Actress

Holland Stull

Tiego Newton

(Winner - 2:59)

Mei-lin Hosang

Vivienne Bersin

(Runner Up - A Ferral World)

Best Adult Playing Teen/Young Adult


Jadon Cal Fitzpatrick

(Winner - Just in Time)

Michael Varde

(Runner Up - Odd Bird)


Actor & Actress


Brickland Carter

Noelia Castano

Saori Goda

(Runner Up Actress- My Daughter Yoshiko)


Weston Warren

(Winner Actor- The Last Summer)

Bridget Wareham

J.P. Edwards

Morris Small

Franklin Rich

(Runner Up Actor - Wraith)

Sara Allahyari

Betsy Moore

Marina Sirtis

Susanne Mcdonald

Zoe Ventoura

(Winner Actress- More Beautiful for Being Broken)

[Best Comedic]

Sean Astin

(Runner Up Comedic - 2 Dumb Micks)

D.B. Sweeney

(Winner Comedic - 2 Dumb Micks)

Jaron Wallace

Jenness Rouse

[Best Action]

Pat Dortch

Emre Orun

(Winner Best Action - Battle)

Shanae'a Moore

(Runner Up Best Action - Lillian)

Danielle Prall

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