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[Over 45 pages]

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Stephen Wise & Eric Charles Kaplan



A relaxing dinner turns deadly when a secret that Morgan Shaw has been keeping from his wife Abby surfaces, entwining his best friend Tommy and Tommy's new girlfriend Christine in a web of deceit, greed, and betrayal.

Genre: Suspense

Pages: 98


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Stephen Carter

A peeping Tom harboring a secret past becomes entangled in a web of lies, corporate greed, incest, and murder.

Genres: Thriller

Pages: 108

Country: US

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Black Sheep

Andrea Gibson

John Shepherd, a former explosive ordnance tech with the U.S. Army suffers a life altering injury which abruptly ends his military career. He struggles to keep it together while he is fired from one job after another. He battles his P.T.S.D. and fights internally to find his place in the civilian world. John begins to lose hope that he can be anything but an outsider. A corrupt criminal boss, Dominick has been stealing women from New York City and trafficking them across the globe. He plans to unleash terrorist style attacks on the American homefront and is at the top of the government's most wanted list. After being taken into custody, his goons will stop at nothing to free him, killing anyone who gets in their way. John drives up on a carjacking in progress. He rushes into intervene saving a woman's life and sending the carjackers to the hospital. The criminal organization is out for revenge. A grand car chase will lead to an unlikely meeting between John and the combat medic who saved his life in the war. They will work together to free the trafficked women. A few good men will be the only ones standing between order and chaos. The combat medic, Scott will struggle with his own demons as he faces the haunting memories of those he tried to help and those he could not save. After they believe they have completed their mission, John and Scott will be engulfed in a final battle on the Brooklyn Bridge. Dominick's men have taken hostages and laid explosives along the bridge in an effort to force the government to release the criminal boss. John and Scott won't have to be ordered to take on this challenge. They will work tirelessly to disarm the explosives and free the hostages before it is too late. These men chose to be the sheepdogs who would protect the sheep. They will learn that they too are useful even after their time in the military comes to an end.

Genres: Action

Pages: 94

Country: US


The Glade & Six Hours to Santa Monica

Dallas Gibson

The Glade - Runner Up

Rose Ferguson has grown up without a family. All her life that’s what she’s missed and until recently she feared that might be something she’d never have. A yearly trip to Florida with her newlywed husband and their two friends was supposed to be the getaway she needed. Little does she know that there’s a reason she grew up without a family. An evil as old as time lurks in the shadows of an old hotel on a long-forgotten stretch of highway in rural Florida. Rose does not know it, but that evil has her family’s number. Following an unfortunate series of events involving a hurricane, Rose, her husband and their friends find themselves stranded and face to face with the very entity responsible for her abbreviated family history. As Rose faces certain death, the thing she has longed for the most could be the only thing that saves her family…and quite possibly, the world as we know it.

Genre: Horror, Comedy, Fantasy, Suspense

Pages: 84

Six Hours to Santa Monica

NASCAR driver Sean Huntington had it all. Fame, money, a great girl...the good life, until in an instant he didn't. Growing up, Sean’s father Roman knew he had all the talent in the world behind the wheel but he knew his son’s overzealous determination could be his downfall. All his life he went for it, no matter the situation or the risk he was full throttle all the time, but one decision changed all that. While racing in Texas he failed to heed advice from his crew chief and finally, as luck would have it, he caused a wreck that not only took his car out of the race, but out of the money as well. Furious over Sean's lack of respect for his race team, car owner and oil tycoon, Samuel Rollins fires him and expedites his exit from NASCAR due to an “internal investigation” of conduct detrimental to the sport.
Fast forward six months and the once prominent "next big thing in racing" now drives for Lyft. Even though Sean has moved on from racing, one man who was slighted due to Sean's theatrics in Texas wants to settle the score. He takes the one thing that Sean still cares about, his girlfriend Rachel Rollins. Given a seemingly insurmountable six hour deadline to get from Tucson to Santa Monica to keep Rachel alive, Sean uses the only thing he has at his disposal, something so strong only one was ever made, a prototype Dodge Challenger dubbed…Frankenstein’s Monster.

Genre: Action, Crime

Pages: 85





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I Believe

Denise Carey-Costa & Joe Costa

A gentle, angelic, miniature horse visits from the spiritual realm, bringing his own special brand of miracles to humans in need.
This is a magical family story that combines the heart of “Touched by an Angel” with the charm and adventure of “Lassie.”
Nine-year-old Kenny Anderson is a bundle of juvenile angst. Due to his Autism he is the target of classroom bullies. Things aren’t much better at home, where his parents, Rob and Jenny Anderson, recently separated, must get rid of the family dog. Kenny’s older sister Sara detaches herself from the family troubles by losing herself in her social life and her friends.
But, Kenny soon finds solace in his best pal, Ragtime, a miniature horse that only he can see. Kenny’s family passes his new friend off as nothing more than imaginary. Until, the day Ragtime also shows himself to Sara.
When the dog is taken to the pound, Kenny and Sarah decide to launch their own rescue mission to save her.
This begins the magical journey of two children and their spiritual guide, Ragtime. However, an unexpected snow squall drives Kenny and Sara to an old, abandoned cabin where they wait out the storm under the angelic protection of the little horse.
The missing children, not only bring their parents together but unite the community in the search efforts.
Ragtime, the miniature horse is the angelic catalyst that alters this family’s dysfunctional course. He leaves a family and a community united before moving on his next journey. Sprinkling his special brand of magic on all who need his help and getting the hardest of hearts to believe.

Genres: Thriller

Pages: 93

Country: US


Cactus Junction

Philip C. Sedgwick

When a young African-American woman skilled in dowsing arrives in the Arizona west, she enlists the assistance of a local madam, inept lawmen and a preacher’s conflicted wife to take on corporate mining interests to protect the town’s precious water supply from contamination.

Genres: Western, Drama, Female-centric

Pages: 88

Country: US


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Sleep No More

Mark Doster & Karen Mather

DR. FROD leads his staff of nurses at an isolated facility (ANNEX HEATH FACILITY) testing Frod’s new experimental anesthetic for voluntary induced comas. These comas are voluntary due to the patients wanting to escape death by going into a comfortable indefinite dreamlike sleep until cures are found for their illness. Head Nurse GLYNDA fears the worse when she realizes it’s the week that they fear the dosages to wear off and the patients to awake ahead of schedule. She then speaks on her question of why they took another patient when they were only built for 12 of them. Frod assures Glynda that this will NOT happen as he tries to hide his look of concern. Frod barks that she should keep to her own business and leaves for the night as he runs into his main benefactor, GORDON who inquires about their little ‘deal’ they have going on.

Genre: Thriller, Horror, Psychological

Pages: 100



The Seven Summer Muses

Jim Catizone

A group of seven college friends, find themselves involved in a horrific ritual when they have a party in the restaurant where they work.

'The Seven Summer Muses' is a character driven horror/thriller.

The story revolves around a group of seven similar, yet different girls whom find themselves in life altering events during the week of the Fourth of July.

Genres: Horror

Pages: 110

Country: US


The Orphanage

Kay Rascon

After fighting in the Russo-Turkish War, Nikolai is a haunted Russian veteran in 1889 Romania with one objective: revenge. But as his quest brings him to a struggling orphanage rumored of recent deaths, his destiny starts to change when things are not all what they seem at the orphanage, and may bring him closer to his past than he likes.

Genres: Horror, Action, Historical, Supernatural, Suspense, Drama, War, Psychological Thriller

Pages: 135

Country: US

[First Time Screenwriter]


Smiling Inside

Thomas Brian Scott

It takes a recovering Millennial to raise a village.

Genre: Comedy Romance Drama

Pages: 91



Love at First Christmas

Jeanne Dukes

When a young, single preschool owner with a string of broken relationships goes on a self-imposed dating hiatus to avoid falling for the wrong men, she faces a tough romantic dilemma when she unexpectedly falls in love at first sight with a little student's uncle.

Genres: Romance

Pages: 107

Country: US

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Royce Freeman, Thomas H. Wermke & Kurt S. Poulin

Bass, an internet radio DJ, serenades teens with profound poetry, in this coming of age story of love and loss, and friendship. Marissa and Joshua have been friends forever. Her heart burns for him but she doesn't want to ruin the friendship, but he is too blind to see, having him follow his lustful desires. Unable to watch him self destruct, Marissa grows distant. Will Joshua turn back before its too late, and can their friendship survive. And what will become of their HEARTS.

Genres: Romance

Pages: 89

Country: US

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Pass Over & Profile 21

Alexander Kaminer

Pass Over

A celebrated neurosurgeon is forced to confront his personal demons when a terrible secret is revealed during Passover dinner.

Genre: Drama

Pages: 90


Profile 21

A reluctant American is forced to serve in the Israeli Army. His failure to scam his way out leads him to a journey where he'll risk his life to save his fellow Israelis and to be recognized as one of the heroes of our time.


Genres: Drama, War, International, Israel, Palestine, Middle-East, Political, Action

Pages: 90


Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 12.53.07

Out There

Ernest Dempsey

A stranger arrives at a lakeside home. The female homeowner becomes suspicious of his strange behavior and obsession with the lake.

Genres: Drama

Pages: 80

Country: US


The Linen Bands

Jeffrey van Davis

Two boys, best of friends since 6th grade, grow up and take different paths in life - one a priest, the other a gangster. The problem: they are in love with the same woman which leads to murder.

Genre: Drama

Pages: 120

Country: Germany

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