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Shorts & TV Scripts

[Under 45 pages]

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Fielder's Choice [TV]

Craig Horwitz & Anthony Vollmer

Moronic but promising minor leaguer, Todd Fielder, gets forced into rehab for social media addiction, only to find himself embroiled in a Luddite cult, preparing for aliens to take over the planet via Wi-Fi.

Genre: Comedy

Pages: 32





Super Nancy [TV]

Valerie Schwartfigure



A 68-year-old widow with special needs cats receives a curious letter in the mail inviting her to a top-secret superhero training academy. Because her late husband was obsessed with superheroes, she decides to give it a shot. But the academy isn't quite what she had in mind, and she may not be able to get out.

(Original screenplay written in 2019, edited March 2020)

Genres: Comedy, Dramedy

Pages: 32

Country: US


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The Last Dance

Michael Richartz

A WWII war veteran takes an unexpected trip back in time while at a dance club where he and his wife met and spent every anniversary.

Genres: Drama, Supernatural

Pages: 12

Country: US




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The Weight Carried & The Night Light Lad

Davis Clark

The Weight Carried


Pursued by a powerful agency, Michael attempts to make it through town with a suspicious package.

Genres: Suspense

Pages: 7

The Night Light Lad


Runner Up


Father and son move into their new home only to discover a sinister presence.

Genres: Horror

Pages: 10

Country: US


Never Fish At Night

Rick Mannoia

Two very bad men are holed up in a warehouse as the cargo ship, The Golden Ray, lies capsized in the harbor at St Simons, Georgia.
Hot, sweating, scared, they need to get back onto the ship they nearly sunk, in order to retrieve a package before their crime boss discovers their screw-up.

One, the brains, figures a way to board the ship posing as Firemen, as he escorts a duped news crew to the ship. The US Coast Guard is not so easy to confuse.

As all good Bad Guys know, dead men tell no tales.
Fast, gritty, believable, never Fish at Night will hold your attention till the very end.

Genre: Crime, action

Pages: 12





Philip C. Sedgwick

An astronomer sharing backyard observations of the center of our galaxy has a run-in with mosquitoes, and a not so trusty bug zapper.

Genres: Drama, Sci-fi

Pages: 5

Country: US


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Christmas Slasher

Destiny Soria

When Santa Clause goes on rampage in search of his kidnap reindeers.

Genre: Horror

Pages: 25


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