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September 2020


Script: The Growl & The Bark

By: Davis Clark

Genre: Fantasy/Thriller

Logline: A sad night turns deadly for a boy and his dog when they are attacked in their home. 

Contact: daviswclark@gmail.com



October 2020


Short Film: "In Full Bloom"

By: Anthony Alvarez 

Genre: Fantasy

This dream takes us to a familiar world that shows the innate human ability to heal and inspire those around us.

Watch now: www.projectfeel.com




November 2020 

Feature Film: Green Flake

By: Mauli Junior Bonner

Genre: Drama

A young slave is sent to trek 1500 miles across country to prepare a path for his slave master. We witness the heroic journey of "Green Flake" who goes from southern slave to western hero.


Website: http://greenflakemovie.com/


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December 2020
Series: Incompleteness
By: David Ash

Genre: Dramaedy

Logline: A workaholic TV news editor finds out he is dying and dedicates his remaining days to making a movie about the meaning of life for his estranged wife and their soon-to-be-born son.

Website: https://incompletenesstheseries.com




January 2021


Feature: Questions and Comments

By: Alexandra Alvarez

Logline: Hal, a reclusive hermit, pays tribute to his mother's death by calling various "Questions and Comments" hot-line to capitalize on their 100% customer satisfaction guarantee until the country's biggest food and beverage conglomerate, KNACK, hits him with a lawsuit. Armed with nothing but free food samples and the less than mediocre legal aide of his eccentric next-door neighbor Amelia, Hal must lead the battle against the corporate giants to retain his peaceful solitary existence.




February 2021

Screenplay: False Shepherd

By: Dawson Roebig

Genre: Suspense/Thriller, Drama


Sent for reasons unknown to her, a shy teenage girl struggles to survive the horrors of an abusive religious reform school.


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March 2021 

Screenplay:  0&2
By: Thomas Brian Scott

Genre: Drama

Logline: Inexperienced and insecure softball outfielder Courtney Morgan signs on as a pitcher with the worst team in baseball's minor leagues and soon realizes she must play a different kind of hardball with her misogynist, bullying manager if she's going to become the first woman pitcher in the Majors.

Website: https://twitter.com/scottwrite



April 2021
Screenplay: Here Be Vampyres
By: James Caley

Genre: Drama/Fantasy

Logline: Two movie producers attempt the production of a movie on the Albanian coast before coming across a female Baron who falls in love with one of the producer's girlfriend.

Email:  jamescaley@hotmail.com


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May 2021

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