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September 2020


Script: The Growl & The Bark

By: Davis Clark

Genre: Fantasy/Thriller

Logline: A sad night turns deadly for a boy and his dog when they are attacked in their home. 

Contact: daviswclark@gmail.com


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October 2020


Short Film: "In Full Bloom"

By: Anthony Alvarez 

Genre: Fantasy

This dream takes us to a familiar world that shows the innate human ability to heal and inspire those around us.

Watch now: www.projectfeel.com




November 2020 

Feature Film: Green Flake

By: Mauli Junior Bonner

Genre: Drama

A young slave is sent to trek 1500 miles across country to prepare a path for his slave master. We witness the heroic journey of "Green Flake" who goes from southern slave to western hero.


Website: http://greenflakemovie.com/


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December 2020
Series: Incompleteness
By: David Ash

Genre: Dramaedy

Logline: A workaholic TV news editor finds out he is dying and dedicates his remaining days to making a movie about the meaning of life for his estranged wife and their soon-to-be-born son.

Website: https://incompletenesstheseries.com



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January 2021


Feature: Questions and Comments

By: Alexandra Alvarez

Logline: Hal, a reclusive hermit, pays tribute to his mother's death by calling various "Questions and Comments" hot-line to capitalize on their 100% customer satisfaction guarantee until the country's biggest food and beverage conglomerate, KNACK, hits him with a lawsuit. Armed with nothing but free food samples and the less than mediocre legal aide of his eccentric next-door neighbor Amelia, Hal must lead the battle against the corporate giants to retain his peaceful solitary existence.




February 2021

Screenplay: False Shepherd

By: Dawson Roebig

Genre: Suspense/Thriller, Drama


Sent for reasons unknown to her, a shy teenage girl struggles to survive the horrors of an abusive religious reform school.


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March 2021 

Screenplay:  0&2
By: Thomas Brian Scott

Genre: Drama

Logline: Inexperienced and insecure softball outfielder Courtney Morgan signs on as a pitcher with the worst team in baseball's minor leagues and soon realizes she must play a different kind of hardball with her misogynist, bullying manager if she's going to become the first woman pitcher in the Majors.

Website: https://twitter.com/scottwrite


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April 2021
Screenplay: Here Be Vampyres
By: James Caley

Genre: Drama/Fantasy

Logline: Two movie producers attempt the production of a movie on the Albanian coast before coming across a female Baron who falls in love with one of the producer's girlfriends.

Email:  jamescaley@hotmail.com


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May 2021

Feature Film: The Chosen Path
By: Eric Iglesias

Genre: Drama

Logline: A conservative girl will have to make choices about her faith, beliefs, and friendships after discovering an unwanted pregnancy that will make her question the world she lives in.




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June 2021 

Short: The Last Crossroad
By: Paolo Lobbia

Genre: Drama/Crime

Logline: Two friends work as a night watch for a security company. When one discovers that the other will go to work unarmed, he sees the opportunity to change his life forever.


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July 2021
Screenplay: Terminal Jew
By: Jeff Naparstek

Genre: Action/Dramedy

Logline: In this dark comedy, a would-be suicide bomber questions his mission when he sees the humanity of his intended victims up close.

Contact: propwriter1@gmail.com


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August 2021

Feature: Ruined

By: Taro Miyaoka

Genre: Drama

Sayo, a girl in her mid-twenties, is living in Tokyo.

One day, she got a call from her elder sister, Asumi who is living in the countryside.
Asumi told Sayo that she is getting married.

“Wow, congratulations! What’s your future husband's name?”
“Well, he is …Mr.Fuseno”


Disencumber - By Adam Ninyo

Genre: Crime/Drama

Synopsis: Out of options and out of cash, two best friends - a jaded wannabe filmmaker and an idealistic PhD candidate - contemplate robbing their drug dealer.